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Questions we're asking

What's your experience with veteran disability claims?

Do you suspect abuse at a developmental center?

Share your higher ed expertise with the Center for Investigative Reporting

Pedestrians: Do you feel safe on the streets of San Francisco?

Has your family struggled to afford enough food?

Would higher teacher credentialing fees affect you?

Do you live in an unincorporated community?  |  ¿Vive usted en una comunidad sin incorporar?

Which key players are we missing?  |  ¿Quiénes son los actores claves que nos faltan?

How has the U.S.-Mexico border intersected your life?  |  ¿Qué papel juega en su vida la frontera entre EE.UU. y México?

Have you attempted foreclosure loan modification?

Have you been stopped for engaging in "suspicious" activity?

How has deportation touched your life?

Do you live near cement plants or other pollution sources?

Stories informed by the network

California Watch used PIN to reach out to homeowners in the state, who spoke of the challenges with trying to navigate the loan modification world.

Public Insight Network sources who have acted as caregivers spoke not only of challenges in navigating health systems, juggling work and children, and making ends meet, but also of the joy they gain from supporting their spouse, parent, child or friend.

When we asked, "How much are you willing to pay for gas?" we expected only a dollar figure. But some opened up and told us why they could pay more for gas.

Of the more than 2.1 million jobless Californians, one out of three has been unemployed for a year or more, according to the latest figures from the state Employment Development Department.

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