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Cockfighting rings widespread in Calif., data shows

Cockfighting, the ancient blood sport in which armed roosters fight to the death while onlookers bet on the outcome, is widespread throughout California, according to an animal advocacy organization.

California Watch previously reported that cockfighting is on the rise here, one of the few states where those caught participating in the activity are not charged with a felony.

Now the Humane Society of the United States has provided more specific information. The organization compiled data indicating that in the past two years, 34 of the state's 58 counties reported cockfighting incidents in which law enforcement was called. At least 20,000 birds were found dead or alive. Since Feb. 1, there have been eight incidents in eight different counties.

Los Angeles County had 14 incidents since 2008 involving almost 4,000 birds. Riverside County had 12 incidents in that time period involving a total of 804 birds.

Seven incidents took place in San Bernardino County, but those involved at least 3,217 birds.

In addition to the animal cruelty and illegal gambling present at tournaments, officials have noted a strong connection between cockfighting and other organized crime like drug trafficking, according to federal Drug Enforcement Administration reports.

State legislators are considering legislation that would raise the minimum fine for a cockfighting infraction and allow law enforcement to seize property obtained through the activity. Legislators have indicated that making cockfighting a felony would be a political impossibility given the state's budget and prison overcrowding problems.

The topic drew media attention earlier this month when a Central California man died from a wound inflicted by a cockfighting rooster.


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to know who are US gamefowl sports practitioners, please go read, " CLEMSON REPORT" by Clemson University Sociologist Professor William C. Capel & Virginia POLY Tech University sociologist professor Clifton Bryant , and recent indepth studies by 2 US antropologist!
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California state Unconstitutional anti-cockfighting laws SPONSORED by a " PRIVATE NONTAXPAYING organize syndicates extremist VEGAN groups,hsus" , IT Denies fundamental Constitutional Liberties, which harms adults and Children without DUE process & for NO good reason- No compelling gov't interest is advance through it. IT is WRONG to deny people fundament constitutional Liberties, like EQUAL protection under the law, simply because of WHo they are. NO LAW is allowed to Violate the US Constitution, & our nation's founders established the court to protect every American's constitutional rights against UNFAIR LAWS! EQUAL JUSTICE! IT violates constitutional rights by creating separate classes of people with different laws for each one- anti-cockfighting laws DOES " IRREPARABLE " harm to US gamefow practitioners, STIGMA, DESCRIMINATION & ECONOMIC HARM!
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Cockfighting should be a felony!!
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The map looks identical to a map of illegal immigration. Our culture is being taken over by South American and Mexican anti-culture. We're going backwards not forward. Voodoo and human sacrifice are right around the corner. I hope your Californians still think cheap housekeepers and gardeners for your rich liberal Hollywood types was worth it.

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