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A post-mortem on the 'Post Mortem' social media outreach

How many social media coordinators does it take to promote a yearlong investigation between four media organizations? Distribution and Online Community Manager Meghann Farnsworth reports on the social media outreach around the Post Mortem partnership series.

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How to get engaged in the BP story

Is it too late to halt the project and the flow of stimulus money to BP?

No, the Hydrogen Energy California project is by no means a foregone conclusion. It has yet to be approved by the California Energy Commission, and faces various reviews from other government agencies. Also, federal funding could be jeopardized if it falls behind schedule.

How can a project that is not “shovel ready” qualify for stimulus funds?

Though the federal government has emphasized the importance of shovel-ready projects, not all stimulus projects have to be immediately set for construction. The Hydrogen Energy California project addresses another government priority: demonstrating the commercial viability of “clean coal” power plants. The Recovery Act specifically included funds for the Department of Energy’s Clean Coal Power Initiative.

Are there any protections in place to prevent another BP disaster?

The venture must submit an emergency action plan addressing disaster preparedness to the California Energy Commission for approval. The commission also requires the project to maintain fire, earthquake and worker-safety protections, as well as “on-site inspections by local building inspectors and fire departments, and field audits,” according to a commission spokesperson. 

Where can I go to learn more about the stimulus grant awarded to BP?

Contacting the Los Angeles Community College District

Key Contacts
If you would like to express your opinion about the district's bond program, here are the key people to reach

Executive Director of Facilities Planning, Los Angeles Community College District:
Larry Eisenberg

Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor:
Daniel LaVista

Mona Field
Georgia L. Mercer, President
Kelly G. Candaele
Tina Park
Nancy Pearlman, Second Vice President
Miguel Santiago, First Vice President
Sylvia Scott-Hayes
Rodney Robinson, Student Trustee

Board members are reachable at the trustee's office phone:

Or by snail mail:
770 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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