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Health care legislation leads to lobbying increase

A Center for Responsive Politics analysis of lobbying records shows a nearly 300 percent increase in the number of organizations seeking to influence the health care reform bill.

Health care reform rally

Their analysis looks at the number of lobbying clients registered with the Senate Office of Public Records at the beginning of 2009 compared with the end of the year. Records show that 398 clients registered during the first quarter of 2009 reported lobbying on health care reform as compared to 1,541 clients in the fourth quarter.

Of the groups seeking to influence the legislation, 326 reported lobbying on "health reform legislation during all four quarters," according to the analysis.

Interested in checking up on...companies to see if they lobbied on the health care reform bills? Download the spreadsheet that lists these 1,750 organizations, along with information about which quarters they disclosed lobbying on the health reform legislation. And if you use [the] data, please make sure to credit the Center for Responsive Politics: HCR Clients.xls

The post also points out that, "The next batch of lobbying reports is due to the Senate Office of Public Records and Clerk of the House on April 20." So keep an eye out.

If you want to cull through the legislation and see what others are saying about it, check out OpenCongress.org.

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