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More than 2M commute for 45 minutes or more

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Of the 15 million Californians who commute to work, 2.7 million spend at least 45 minutes getting to their jobs, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates.

The latest estimates come from the 2005-09 American Community Survey, which has half of commuters clustered in the 5- to-24-minute range.

On the high end, more than 470,000 commuters spend 90 minutes or more getting to work, with the biggest concentrations being in Los Angeles and Riverside counties.

The commute time "includes time spent waiting for public transportation, picking up passengers in carpools, and time spent in other activities related to getting to work," according to the Census Bureau.

A recent Wall Street Journal article found that extreme commutes are on the rise in parts of Southern California:

"It used to be when you looked at Census data and saw that someone lived in Los Angeles and worked in San Francisco, you assumed it was a mistake," Alan Pisarski, author of (the study) Commuting in America, told the Wall Street Journal. "These days, you cannot be sure."

Total Commuters: 15,401,306
Less than 5 minutes 380,078
5 to 9 minutes 1,409,432
10 to 14 minutes 2,102,710
15 to 19 minutes 2,380,707
20 to 24 minutes 2,242,108
25 to 29 minutes 870,018
30 to 34 minutes 2,256,318
35 to 39 minutes 396,936
40 to 44 minutes 602,413
45 to 59 minutes 1,213,612
60 to 89 minutes 1,072,363
90 or more minutes 474,611


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