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National Green Week makes a splash on The I Files

National Green Week is upon us, offering an opportunity to explore the ways we can make our communities more environmentally friendly and sustainable. With that in mind, we're featuring some great green-themed videos on The I Files, an investigative YouTube channel curated by our parent organization, the Center for Investigative Reporting.

One of the videos we’re highlighting is “Heat and Harvest,” a half-hour documentary produced by KQED and CIR that focuses on the environmental challenges California’s agriculture industry faces.

The film takes a look at the state's farm belt, an area long known as "the nation's salad bowl," and the impact threats such as rising temperatures, shrinking water supplies and abundant pests have on a $30 billion dollar industry and, ultimately, our wallets. Exploring possible solutions, "Heat and Harvest" helps to explain the nuanced effects of climate change and some of the efforts to solve these problems.

For CIR reporter Mark Schapiro, the answer lies in reducing carbon footprints. But he also cites scientists who are developing new types of crops that can withstand the new stresses that changing weather conditions present.

"But these solutions won't come cheap," says Craig Miller, KQED Climate Watch's senior editor. "Every option comes with a price tag, and sooner or later, that could mean higher prices at the supermarket."

For tips on making your diet more earth-friendly and other sustainable eating habits, see CIR's series "Food for 9 Billion." Or if you have your own suggestions for how your community could be more green, check out this post from The Bay Citizen’s Marie McIntosh.

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