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Ohio coal company that backed Fiorina also gave to Prop. 23

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Appalachian coal interests pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into political campaigns each election cycle, but hardly any of the money finds its way into California campaigns.

In the heartland, Big Coal is a powerful lobby. Some Midwestern states get more than 80 percent of their electricity from coal, and mines employ thousands of people. But the Golden State has no coal industry to speak of, and it gets its electricity from natural gas, hydropower and nuclear plants.

Nevertheless, Ohio-based Murray Energy Corp., the nation’s largest privately owned coal producer, has made donations in California campaigns twice this year.

In February, as California Watch has reported, Murray Energy’s political committee and executives, including combative CEO Robert Murray, combined to contribute nearly $25,000 to GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina’s campaign against Barbara Boxer, the incumbent Democrat.

(At the same Ohio fundraiser, Fiorina obtained an additional $39,000 from Midwestern companies that sell coal mining equipment and supplies.)

Then, in May, Murray Energy donated $30,000 to California’s Proposition 23, which would suspend the state’s AB 32 anti-global warming measure until the economy rebounds from the recession. Another donor, the American Coalition For Clean Coal Electricity, a Washington, D.C.-lobbying group, gave $5,000. Prop. 23 is sponsored by the energy industry, and its biggest booster is the Valero Energy Corp. from San Antonio, Texas.

Beyond the donations to Fiorina and Prop. 23, coal concerns haven’t had much to do with California politics. Coal PAC, the industry lobby, has made occasional donations to California members of Congress, federal records show. In recent years, Coal PAC has donated $16,500 to former Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy; $7,000 to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Clovis; $5,250 to Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Redlands; $4,500 to Rep. Wally Herger, R-Chico; $2,500 to Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista; and $500 to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach.

Also, in 2000, four Pennsylvania coal companies donated to California’s state Democratic committee. They were Bologna Coal ($479); Camelot Coal ($383); Forcey Coal $200); and Miller Brothers Coal ($250).

Why the interest this year?

Ohio environmentalists presume that Murray, who has dismissed global warming as “hysterical global goofiness,” would like to take out Boxer, a liberal and a big booster of measures to check climate change. The two went head-to-head over the issue at a 2007 Senate hearing.

Perhaps Murray also regards California’s AB 32, which would roll back the state’s greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels, as more goofiness. He’s been scathing in his criticism of Congressional efforts to counter climate change, as he showed when he gave a tongue-lashing to the Senate’s committee on environment and public works in 2007 testimony. Former Vice President Al Gore and "Silent Spring" author Rachel Carson were handled roughly, as well. An excerpt:

The hysterical and out-of-control climate change or global warming issue, and the legislation that you have proposed, will lead to the deterioration of the American standard of living and the accelerated exportation of more of our jobs to China and other developing countries, which have repeatedly advised, as recent as last week, that they will not limit their carbon dioxide emissions.

According to a Pennsylvania State University study, replacing two-thirds of United States coal-based energy with higher-priced energy will cost America 3 million jobs, with an upward estimate of possibly 4 million American livelihoods.

Albert Gore touts that his role model has always been Rachel Carson, with her picture on his wall, who led the environmental movement to ban DDT. She and her environmental followers killed millions of human beings around the world with the ban on DDT, which has since been found by the World Health Organization to be very safe to humans in controlling global epidemics.

It seems to us that the leadership of this Congress, with the support of the majority of this committee and some Republicans, are intent in helping Mr. Gore and those of his ilk in achieving his unquestionable legacy, which will be the destruction of American lives and more death as a result of his hysterical global goofiness, with no environmental benefit. This then will be your legacy, also, as our current Congressional leadership indicates from your statements and actions to date.



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John IN TEXAS's picture
I love the mind set out in Cal. People whine about Whitman being hooked in with Goldman Sachs and the donations she has. In another artical on this same web site people are cry'n about "Global warming doubter, coal industry donate to Fiorina campaign | California Watch" Yet, Oaksterdam University, a "cannabis educator," and S.K. Seymour LLC, a "medical-cannabis provider" doing business as the university, have poured nearly $1.4 million worth of monetary and nonmonetary support into the initiative since 2009, " Poeple whine, "why is Ohio involved in California elections?" when it involves Fiorina beating Boxer. Yet, "more than 15 other states and even Barcelona, Spain, have given to the effort." Then you have "Philip D. Harvey, of North Carolina, gave $100,000 in June to a different campaign (pro pot legalization group!) that also supports Proposition 19. Harvey, he's also "one of the world's leading purveyors of 'adult entertainment,'" according to his website" You know, people in Calif really need to stop complaining when outside people come in an oppose the nonsense we see out on the left coast-it's clear you are more than willing to take help and involvement when it suits you from other states, nations and even "porn peddlers!" Yea, I wrote CALIF off years ago so when I retired I left the state like 800,000 others have done! Your state is in fiscal ruin but hey we can smoke dope in Calif-yippie!
Bob Mulholland's picture
John in Texas- you still haven't answered the question- which of the 2 Texas oil companies that are trying to interfere in California's energy and economical plans, do you work for? You're laying the ground work for all that Texas oil money that will be coming to California in support of Prop 23. Maybe, if you actually live in Texas, you and the oil companies ought to fix that multi billion dollar Texas budget deficit before trying to stop California's plans to expand out economy with Green technology. And how's the millions of Americans whose lives were economically destroyed by your Enron doing?
Ralph's picture
Carly Fiorina, a global warming denier: Fiorina had the audacity to suggest that the science of global warming needs to be examined. What's to examine when the overwhelming scientific consensus has concluded that global warming is happening and that it is induced by human activity? By association, Fiorina has aligned herself with the global warming deniers joining that eminent scientist Sarah Palin -- one of her endorsers -- who called global warming studies "snake oil science." By using her prominent position as a Republican Senatorial candidate, she helps feed the public's skepticism over global warming, which in turn provides cover for our politicians to avoid the difficult task of addressing global warming. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 40% of likely U.S. voters now say global warming is caused primarily by human activity, while slightly more (44%) say long term planetary trends are to blame. There is no quick fix for global warming and by doing nothing we risk great harm to our planet and its inhabitants. It has long been known that humans impact our atmosphere severely and our unrelenting production of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) increase the effects of the naturally occurring "greenhouse effect" that keeps our planet habitable. The more CO2 we pump into our atmosphere, the warmer the atmosphere gets. This is a scientific fact based on decades of scientific study. The main cause of the increase in global average temperatures in recent history is not because of any natural cycle -- although natural cycles do exist -- it is because of man. Denying global warming and its causes threatens all of humanity with slow, painful, untimely deaths. Scientists overwhelmingly agree that increasing global temperatures will cause sea levels to rise and will produce more intense weather and changes in precipitation patterns, changes in crop yields, glacier melting, extinction of species and the spread of disease. Putting our heads in the sand is not going to make global warming go away. Is Ms. Fiorina confused by these scientific facts? Or has she joined the dark side for $23,000, mere chump change for a millionaires like her?
John IN TEXAS's picture
@ Bob, my story is very simple. I was raised in the Central Valley of California on a DAIRY outside Modesto. I went to school in the same small town my parents did-I went to a community college and went into Police work where I remained until my retirment in 2008. Of those years, 25 of them were spent with the Los Angeles Police Department-I never had time or desire to work for a oil company or electric company. Upon my retirement, I saw what 800,000 other people in CA saw-YOU CANNOT LIVE IN CALIF ANY MORE-IT IS TO COSTLY! In my Mojave home, it would not be uncommon for me to have a 800.00 per month electric bill during the summer-why? I was paying too much for the power-simple! So, in 2009, I left! I moved to Texas-outside Dallas. I live among others from California! My UPS driver-from Long Beach, people at my gym from San Diego and Fresno. The manager of the local Lowes and 11 others-ALL FROM CALIFORNIA! We left for the same reasons-this artical and your thinking is part of it! This artical ignores the truth-LA DWP and So Cal Edison can not build in CALIF-so they move to Arizona and build Coal fired electric plants-like the one I see off I40 in Arizona! Can't miss it-look for the piles of coal! Then the power is brought into CA via lines from the main power grid-thus the high cost in CALIF of 28 cents per KWH! Do you know in Texas I pay 9 cents per KWH for my electric company "Farmers Community Co-op!" Sometimes it gets high-like 16 cents! But this is rare! I look around Texas-like others do and go "if a dumb redneck state (as people in CA call it) can do this-why can't California do this?" The answer is simple- too many special intrest groups, enviormental groups, crazy thinking like "well it might cause" or "it could lead to" or junk like this artical makes note of! I love the below link- this is the most recent madness from the tree huggers!!! http://www.prisonplanet.com/study-global-warming-will-increase-illegal-i... No, I don't work for an oli company- I am just one pissed off person from California who still pays tax in that state, who still has property and family in the state and is SICK OF PAYING FOR ALL THIS "FEEL GOOD" NONSENSE! If you hate "coal" so bad-shut off your AC unit! If you hate Arizona's immigration law- SHUT OFF YOUR AC UNIT (21% of LA's power comes from Arizona!), if you hate oil compainies so much-don't drive, don't commute, don't buy plastic, and basically-STOP LIVING! Our nation is powered by fossel fuels-that's a fact! As I stated, CAL has 37 NEW "Green" power plants ready to build IN CALIFORNIA, which will supply the state with JOBS-BADLY NEEDED JOBS-yet none are being built-why? The eco-nazis that's why! Every one of them is tied up in court! No, I don't work for any oil or coal company- I am some guy who is sick of paying for all this "feel good" nonsense to help the enviorment and nonsense about "who gets money from who" BS! I am just a pissed off Tax payer who hated CALIF I moved to another state which has better ideas on how to govern and treat their people-unlike California did to me for 48 years.
John IN TEXAS's picture
Oh Bob, you whine about "oil companies that are trying to interfere in California's energy and economical plans" WE DON'T HAVE TO INTERFEAR WITH ANYTHING-your doing it to yourelf that's the point! You whine about "interfere in California's _______(name the cuase)". This very same website points out that your medical pot law on this coming ballot has a major PORN maker from the east coast funding prop 19, as well as doners from Spain! Interfear?? Give me a break-what world do you live in! Poeple look at CA and money to be had-you won't build any new plants or means to refine oil-but yet CAL has 35 million people-they need to get it some place! Why not sell it to CALIF and pass along the costs to the people of CALIF?! That's why people in CAL pay more for everything-fuel, power, food-you name it! That's not "Bush's fualt"! I got sick of it and left and MOVED TO TEXAS from California! I am among many FORMER CALIFORNIAN'S OUTSIDE DALLAS! @ Ralph, big news flash for you, Mother Earth has always had changes in her BILLION YEAR HISTORY. The earth gets hot and the earth gets cold-it happens! YOU WRITE, "What's to examine when the overwhelming scientific consensus has concluded that global warming is happening and that it is induced by human activity?" Hum, like the e-mails that were hidden away from those pushing this nonesense maybe? Like, the qaulifications they have to make such claims-OH yea, I forgot,that eminent scientist Al Gore who developed the internet says "global warming is bad" so we all belive it! Mean while he and his Hollywood awards sit behind ivy gates in big POWER GUZZELLING home-(made by coal!)-in Los Angeles. How hypocritical you both are! Stop your complaining! This is not an issue. The real issues are, The state budget mess, unemployment, KEEPING JOBS IN CALIFORNIA!, immigration and winning two wars! Until "the tree huggers" come up with better ideas and ones that WORK, we are stuck with coal and oil-it's that simple!
John IN TEXAS's picture
"Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 40% of likely U.S. voters now say global warming is caused primarily by human activity, while slightly more (44%) say long term planetary trends are to blame." NO KIDDING! WE HAVE SEEN "THE LIGHT" SO TO SAY! We don't belive it anymore! Those handing this web site need to stop pushing nonsense and deal with the real issues in California! Unemployement, job's leaving the state, high cost of living in California, high Tax, the fiscal mess in Sacramento, and so on-it's not like we have a shortage of problems in the bankrupt state! All this "gloabal warming stuff" is "smoke and mirrors" at best
hamiltonn's picture
Many Democrats wanted DeFazio to then run for the seat of Senator Mark Hatfield, who announced right after the special primary election that he would not seek re-election in 1996. However, Democrats with influence over campaign cash, chiefly Senator and Democratic Senate Campaign Committee chair Bob Kerrey of Nebraska and former Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt strongly recruited and promoted self made millionaire and Mentor Graphics founder, Tom Bruggere. Faced with the prospect of having to raise huge sums of money to take on Bruggere in the primary and then millionaire Smith in the General Election, DeFazio announced in Feb. 1996 that he would not run. Bruggere easily won the primary but lost to Smith narrowly in November, 1996Stock Charts

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