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Slideshow: Parents speak out against Oakland private school

Angry parents accused a church school of mistreating and exploiting children at an Oakland school board meeting June 13. After a California Watch investigation, the Oakland Unified School District board directed its general counsel to investigate whether St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church inflated its enrollment numbers to get more than its share of taxpayer funding from the district. Church leaders take students to BART stations to ask for donations most weekday evenings.

Angry parents urge school board to act

Angry parents urge school board to act
  1. Michael Short/California Watch

    St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church’s private school in West Oakland claims to have 195 students, while former students and government inspections put the number at fewer than 30.
  2. Michael Short/California Watch

    At an Oakland school board meeting June 13, parents of former students accused St. Andrew private school of mistreating children.
  3. Michael Short/California Watch

    Robert Lacy Jr., a St. Andrew teacher who has been accused of abusing students, said the school would respond to questions but didn’t comment further.
  4. Michael Short/California Watch

    Charlos Stewart Jr., 12, told the school board about being robbed while asking for donations for St. Andrew.
  5. Michael Short/California Watch

    Board member Noel Gallo says that if the school district investigation finds violations at St. Andrew, it would cut off funding to the school.
  6. Michael Short/California Watch

    Kelly Corbitt, who pulled her daughter out of St. Andrew this year, demanded that the school be shut down.
  7. Michael Short/California Watch

    Board member Alice Spearman says the district doesn’t have the authority to shut down a private school, but suggested parents could stop sending their children.
  8. Michael Short/California Watch

    Deborah Carney says her daughter witnessed physical abuse of children at St. Andrew when she attended a couple of years ago.
  9. Michael Short/California Watch

    Pastor Robert Lacy, who runs St. Andrew church and school, and son Robert Lacy Jr. declined to speak with reporters and covered their faces as they left the board meeting.


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