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Web squatters have fingers crossed for Whitman win

If the polls, headlines and prediction markets are right, Meg Whitman appears poised to cruise to victory in this week's primary election. So naturally, the Internet entrepreneurs looking to cash in haven't been far behind.

Domain name squatters – using Whitman's own eBay, no less – are willing to sell you the forward-looking domains governormegwhitman.com or megwhitmangovernor.com for the low, low price of $95,000.

Domains were a sore spot last year for the Whitman campaign, which quietly entered into administrative proceedings and later filed a lawsuit in order to get several of them back from a squatter in Santa Monica, including megwhitmanforgovernor.com, megwhitman2010.com, meg2010.com, whitmanforgovernor.com and whitman2010.com.

She lost the hearing, but eventually managed to acquire the domain names anyway. Now they all link to her campaign website.

A little sleuthing around shows that the two domains for sale on eBay are owned by USA Internet Inc., which also runs a domain name reseller appropriately called thedomainsaftermarket.com.

Whitman's isn't the only political site for sale on the site. A number of sites bearing President Barack Obama's name are also on the block (barackobamanet.com anyone?). Not even the nation's most historic documents are safe: delcarationofindependence.org and unitedstatesconstitution.org will cost you, too.

It's worth noting that the resellers actually listed the domains on eBay in late April but modified the listing less than two weeks ago, around the time Whitman began to emerge once again as the clear frontrunner in the polls.

Meanwhile, governorstevepoizner.com and stevepoiznergovernor.com are still available, for anyone who wants to place their bets.


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