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CHART: Tracking maternal mortality rates

California’s maternal mortality rate has increased over an 11-year-period from 1996 through 2006, the most recent data available. The national maternal mortality rate was 13.3 per 100,000 in 2006.

Year Rate
1996 5.6
1997 9.1
1998 6.7
1999 7.7
2000 10.9
2001 9.7
2002 10.0
2003 14.6
2004 11.7
2005 11.7
2006 16.9




Source for chart: State of California Department of Public Health, California Birth and Death Statistical Master Files

Source for national death rate: Centers for Disease Control


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The Y axis in the graph is labeled incorrectly. It's deaths per 100,000 births, not deaths per 100 (percent).
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The y-axis was indeed labeled incorrectly, as the commenter has noted. California immediately corrected the error.
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As the post above notes, California Watch changed "percent" to "per 100,000 live births" when notified that it appeared incorrectly on the web. Nathanael Johnson
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Do you have a longer range of data?
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As the post above notes, California Watch changed "percent" to "per 100,000 live births" when notified that it appeared incorrectly on the web.v-pills
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These figures tell a very sad story of decline in the healthcare system of the state. Rather than giving all that money to the finance industry, the government could do more to upgrade facilities in hospitals and clinics countrywide.
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"We haven't seen these rates of maternal death since the 70s," Christine Morton of California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative said. "You don't expect childbirth outcomes to go backward. That's concerning."

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