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Coloring book helps kids prepare for an earthquake

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Ready to Rumble: California Watch earthquake safety coloring book

We are currently out of English-language coloring books, but they are still available in PDF form here.

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Earthquakes are a fact of life for Californians. All of us – including children at school – need to know how to stay safe when the ground starts shaking.

That’s why California Watch is publishing “Ready to Rumble,” a coloring and activity book to help kids learn about and prepare for earthquakes. The book is being published in conjunction with “On Shaky Ground,” an investigation into seismic safety at California’s K-12 public schools.

The investigation reveals that state regulators have routinely failed to enforce California’s landmark earthquake safety laws for public schools, allowing children and teachers to occupy buildings with structural flaws and potential safety hazards. 

Children are among the people most affected by these regulatory failures and bureaucratic chaos, but the issues can be complicated for them to understand. In “Ready to Rumble,” California Watch debuts its mascot, a watchdog named Sunny, to walk kids through the critical information they need to know.

Sunny teaches kids the basics about earthquakes – what they are and why they happen – and shows students how to be safe in school. Together, they’ll learn what to have and do in an emergency so they’ll always be prepared.

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