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Sunny, the California Watchdog, helps Laurel and Morgan learn about earthquake emergency safety and preparedness.

Sunny, "The California Watchdog," ayuda a Laurel y Morgan aprender como hacerse seguros durante un terremoto.  

Join Laurel, Emmett and Sunny the California Watchdog as they learn about water pollution.

Únete con Laurel, Emmet y Sunny el California Watchdog en lo que aprenden sobre la contaminación del agua.

Laurel learns her favorite necklace might have lead in it. What does that mean?

Laurel aprende que su collar favorito posiblemente contiene plomo. ¿Y eso qué significa?  
Interactive coloring book
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Junior Watchdogs TV

Credits: Coloring book: Deanna Ewers; TV, home and globe, Shutterstock

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