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Video: In Jennifer's Room

In August 2006, caregivers at the Sonoma Developmental Center found dark blue bruises shaped like handprints covering the breasts of a patient named Jennifer. She accused a staff member of molestation, court records show. Jennifer’s injuries appeared to be evidence of sexual abuse, indicating that someone had violently grabbed her.

The Office of Protective Services opened an investigation. But detectives took no action because the case relied heavily on the word of a woman with severe intellectual disabilities. A few months later, court records show, officials at the center had indisputable evidence that a crime had occurred.


Reported and narrated by Ryan Gabrielson
Directed, produced, and edited by Carrie Ching
Illustrated by Marina Luz
Transcript of mother's interview read by Evelyn Kelsey
"Haunted" by Jamie Evans
"Winter Sunshine" by Evgeny Grinko
"From Truth" and "The Time to Run" by Dexter Britain
Sound effects by grayseraphim and pfly


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