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MAP: Medical marijuana delivery services in California

While reporting on the growth of marijuana delivery services throughout California, it became clear there was no updated government or industry directory of pot couriers.

In March, California Watch approached Weedmaps.com for its listing of delivery services. The website charges advertisers from $50 to $150 a month and provides the most current snapshot of medical marijuana delivery operations available to the public. The list is by no means comprehensive.

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Weedmaps.com provided service names, longitudes and latitudes for each location listed on its site in February and April. The services highlighted above are those listed in April. The February numbers were used to compare recent growth.

While Weedmaps.com does not distinguish between physical dispensaries and delivery services on its map, California Watch highlighted the services that listed delivery as an option.

The services pinpointed their location on Weedmaps.com when purchasing the ad – which means there is no independent verification of these locations. To narrow the numbers, California Watch used the longitudes and latitudes provided by Weedmaps.com to eliminate delivery services outside of the state.

Next, we eliminated duplicate listings. Many Weedmaps.com users had purchased more than one ad. Some instances were clear duplicates. For instance, Five Star Collective was listed four times, with the same longitude and latitude. Club Meds was listed as both Club Meds and CLUB-MEDS, with the same address. In these types of cases, we kept the first listing.

In other instances, duplication was less clear. When services had similar names and were within a decimal place of each other, we kept the fullest listing and eliminated the others. For instance, Universal Caregivers was also listed as Universal Medical Caregivers and had the same address. In this case, we kept Universal Medical Caregivers and eliminated the possible duplicate.

Some delivery services listed themselves with the same name and gave different locations. Mary and Jane's Delivery is listed 10 times in different areas. In these instances, we kept all of the listings, viewing them as branches. We also found cases in which services had different names and the same address. In these 63 cases, we did not eliminate services.

This story was reported in collaboration with KQED public radio, with assistance from the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. It was edited by Robert Salladay and copy edited by William Cooley.


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