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VIDEO: Delivering marijuana from plant to pipe

Matthew Cohen takes reporters on a tour of his medical marijuana farm in Ukiah and then on a delivery in San Francisco.

This story was reported in collaboration with KQED public radio, with assistance from the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism. It was edited by Robert Salladay and copy edited by William Cooley.


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Doomsday 2012 Nibiru's picture
I have heard there is alot of health issues with maja... It can hurt u... at least thats what I heard... Apocalypse 2012 Prophecy in the News End Times Prophecy Last Days
webdizajn's picture
well I, for one, am still a major opponent of marijuana legalization, not because of some inherently bad effects of marijuana itself, but because it is an entry drug on the way to much more dangerous narcotics such as heroin. every major research shows it, but we are most of the time faced with straw man arguments such as "more deaths are caused by alcohol consumption than by marijuana". yeah, but alcohol is readily available and legal and is used more.

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