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Money and Politics

Spotlight: money & politics

State's top 100 political donors contribute $1.25 billion

Elite donors gave nearly five times as much to winning candidates as they did to losers. And about 55 percent of every dollar they contributed aided...
Spotlight: money & politics

State program for struggling homeowners has helped few

As banks resist, a $2 billion mortgage relief program has distributed just 5 percent of its fund in more than two years.
Spotlight: money & politics

Texas firm targets Calif. homeowners with foreclosed 2nd mortgages

Homeowners thought their mortgage debt was erased after banks and lending companies took their houses – until Heritage Pacific stepped in.
Money & Politics
April 16, 2013

Bullet train bidder has history of cost overruns

SACRAMENTO – The lowest-bidding partnership for the first segment of California’s high-...
Money & Politics
April 15, 2013

Winning bid to start high-speed rail far below estimates

A trio of American companies outbid four other teams of contractors vying for the contract to build...
Money & Politics
March 8, 2013

Some Calif. retirement trustees cancel Hawaii conference plans

At least three board members overseeing underfunded municipal retirement systems in California have...
Money & Politics
January 15, 2013

School discipline reform groups question plans for armed security

As the White House considers proposals to allocate federal money for armed guards in schools,...
Money & Politics
December 21, 2012

Oakland school district mishandled federal money, state finds

The Oakland Unified School District failed to follow federal regulations in doling out taxpayer...
Money & Politics
December 18, 2012

Emails reveal college officials knew they were overbilling state

Newly released emails and documents show which current and former senior administrators at the...
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