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Lauren Rabaino

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Lauren Rabaino is a Seattle-based digital journalist who was born and raised in Tulare County, Calif.

Recent Spotlight Articles

Infographic: A look at administrative costs across community colleges
If some of California’s 72 community college districts could consolidate their bureaucracies, millions of dollars could be saved and redirected to pay for additional class sections and student services.
Infographic: After claims of sexual assault, little is done
36 allegations, no rape kits
Infographic: California rethinks criminal justice
Until recently, California state prisons were so packed that inmates were living literally on top of each other. In June 2011, the Supreme Court ordered California to drastically reduce its inmate population.
Infographic: Schools struggle with menus, picky kids
The National School Lunch Program provides $10.8 billion to serve about 32 million lunches a year, nearly two-thirds of which are provided free or at a reduced price to low-income students.
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