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Mark Schapiro

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Mark Schapiro specializes in international and environmental stories. His award-winning work appears in all media: in publications such as Harpers, The Atlantic, Mother Jones and Yale 360; on television, including PBS FRONTLINE/World and KQED; on public radio including Marketplace; and on the web. He is currently writing a book for Wiley & Co. investigating the backstory to our carbon footprints. His previous book, "EXPOSED: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power," reveals the health and economic implications of the tightening of environmental standards by the European Union.

Recent Spotlight Articles

Higher temperatures bring new struggles in Calif. wine country
With climate change, insurance companies are assessing the potential financial exposure. Weather-related damages have jumped from $2.1 billion to $12.1 billion.
Volatile weather creates dramatic changes for California farmers
On the front lines of climate change, the state’s agriculture industry faces a new landscape with less water, warmer winters, unexpected rain and rising salinity.
Video: A Dwindling Harvest
For a few weeks each spring, the cherry orchards of California’s San Joaquin Valley burst into a sea of pink blossoms. It’s a beautiful sight and a sign that the harvest will be good. But in recent years, farmers have noticed a change in this pattern, and it signals drastic changes ahead for the state’s cherry farmers.
Video: Salt in the Fields
California’s water wars have shaped the course of the state’s economy and demography for more than a century. For farmers on the west side of the Central Valley, long dependent on federal and state water projects, climate change is introducing another factor into the water equation: salt.
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