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Will Evans

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Will Evans is an investigative reporter for California Watch and the Center for Investigative Reporting focusing on money and politics and government oversight. After working as a reporter for The Sacramento Bee, Will came to the Center for Investigative Reporting in 2005. He covered money and politics and the federal judiciary. During the 2008 election, he tracked the money behind independent campaign ads for The Secret Money Project, a joint venture with NPR. He uncovered judicial conflicts of interest in a series for Salon.com. Will's work at CIR was also published by the Los Angeles Times, Politico, ABCNews.com and the CBS Evening News. He has also written for Chile’s national newspaper, La Tercera.

My priorities

I'll be working on government oversight and accountability projects, with a focus on the influence of moneyed interests.

Recent Spotlight Articles

Oakland school accused of abuse is overbilling taxpayers, records show
St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church, where some former students have accused a teacher of physical abuse, has inflated its enrollment and gained thousands in extra federal dollars.
With campaign donations, bond underwriters also secure contracts
Leading financial firms over the past five years have donated $1.8 million to successful school bond measures in California. In almost every instance, school district officials hired those same underwriters to sell the bonds for a profit.
White-dominated boards face legal threats over racial makeup
A burgeoning onslaught of legal threats under the California Voting Rights Act could upend the racial makeup of elected bodies throughout the state.
Wal-Mart ramps up ballot threats to speed new stores
In a push to expand across California without interference, Wal-Mart is increasingly taking advantage of the state’s initiative system to threaten elected officials with costly special elections and to avoid environmental lawsuits.
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